Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Full Marathon in 2011?

A few days ago, I posted about all the obstacles that have “postponed” my endurance running dreams, and my plan for this year.
One of the activities I listed was that I wanted to run the Dallas White Rock Marathon (FULL) in December.
I realized, though, that right now, it’s just a concept. The Country Music Half Marathon, which is April 30, is a definite. I’m training for that. I’m doing it. No problem. But, I am not sure if I’ve committed to White Rock all together.
It’s a little less than 11 months from now. I think I can train for 26.2 in that time. I’ll do the half in April, then there’s another half in September (Nashville Women’s Half) and October (The Middle Half) and even November (The Nashville Half Marathon)… but there’s not another full marathon until Country Music 2012.
All these other races don’t require much travel, just a short commute. But going to Dallas would mean flying in and spending at least one night there, away from my kids, but with family (since it’s home to me). That’s a big commitment.
So, right now, I’m leaning towards planning for it. I tell myself with 11 months to prepare, I can make it happen.
Plus, as I said before, I’ve wanted to do this race for years. It would definitely be a big accomplishment.
So, I’m asking everyone- should I do it? Should I go for it?
I would love feedback…
To your health!
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