Thursday, January 27, 2011

WHAT did I do to my knee?

I am quite proud of the ability to laugh at myself.

Sometimes, I do stupid things. Like yesterday...

I went to the track to run (remember, I'm still suffering from a bit of PTSD due to being bitten by an aggressive beagle this weekend). I had a great 3 mile run (in 30:11, which is a good speed for me). I shook my booty a little and sang along with my playlist while running, and was feeling pretty awesome.

After the run, I went over to the stretching area. I was listening to Shakira's "Waka Waka" and, still, feeling pretty awesome. I did my runner's lunge, put my knee down, and enjoyed a lovely quadricep/hip flexor stretch. I went into pigeon. I was feeling so cool, I thought I would try the splits. So I did, and I felt great. I was bopping along to Shakira feeling like the coolest person at the track...

I went to the other leg. Everything was great until I tried the splits (you know, to be even). As I pressed my knee into the floor, I felt something give. It actually knocked me over. (Suddenly, I didn't feel as cool anymore).

I figured I could walk it off, but then I tried going down the stairs. Imagine my shock and horror when, immediately after finishing an amazing 3 mile run, I could barely walk down the stairs.

Here are the symptoms:
- Putting weight on it bent hurts. I can stand on the leg as long as the knee isn't bent.
- Walking is challenging but not impossible.
- Sitting down is hard, again while putting weight on it bent.
- There's kind of a popping, like something popped out of place.
- If I twist my foot (in a normal way), it kind of hurts.

I have never had knee problems before, so this is new to me. I did decide to put a brace on, because it feels unstable. Otherwise, I'm really REALLY hoping it gets better soon so I can run again. I mean, really.

Let's review:
Friday night, I post that I want to run the Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 4. I get excited. It feels real. I feel committed. I put the training plan on my calendar.

Saturday morning, I am bitten by an aggressive beagle while running.

Wednesday afternoon, I mess up my knee.

You know, I'm still determined to go ahead with my plan. I will run the Country Music Half Marathon on April 30. I will run the White Rock Marathon on December 4. I refuse to see this as any kind of "sign"- if anything, my commitment is being tested. A phrase comes to mind:

The greater the obstacles, the sweeter the victory.

Dude, December 4th is going to be EXTRA sweet.


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Unknown said...

Just came across your blog today. Saw that you were a runner and thought maybe you might post on injuries.. alas I found this post. I hope you didn't hurt yourself. I'm not a runner (no way) but was an avid walker I recently tore my ACL. First time I ever injured my knee and I did it getting into a middle seat on a plane. Coming home from vacation thank goodness... you healed up ok? How did you manage with the injury? I'll try to read more tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly!
Thanks so much for finding me! I ended up wearing a knee brace for a while, and took about a week off from running. I started doing lower body work without weights (lunges and squats... carefully) to try and strengthen my knee, and eventually, I was able to run without the brace.

I still have a clicking sound when I squat :-) But I learned a valuable lesson about being careful with my knees...

Hope your knee is better soon!