Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun in the Weightroom

I'm not sure what weird crooked biceps exercise she's doing. Also, I'm worried about her nails.

This week has not gone how I planned workout wise.

I declared that I would do more weights... then I took two days off from everything because I got sick.
I completed ONE workout before work the entire week, and that was Monday.

So, I was DETERMINED to get a total body weight workout in on Friday.

Here's what I did (the details are boring, they're mainly just there for me to use as a record)

Warmup: Walk to gym

Lower Body Superset (repeated twice)

16 Squats
16 Static Lunges (each leg)

Upper Body (each repeated twice):

Superset 1:
Lat Rows (15 @ 55 lbs)
Push Ups (8 kick booty awesome perfect form on the toes)

Superset 2:
Lat Pulldown (15 @ 60 lbs)
Shoulder press (15 @ 30 lb barbell)

Giant Set 1:
Triceps Skull Crusher (15 @ 20 lbs)
Biceps Curl (15 @ 25 lbs)
Lateral Raise (15 @ 10 lbs each)

Giant Set 2:
Triceps Dip (20)
Biceps Curl with Barbell (Set 1: 10 @ 30 lbs. Set 2: 15 @ 20 lbs)
Upright Row with Barbell (Set 1: 10 @ 30 lbs. Set 2: 15 @ 20 lbs)

Abs Giant Set (twice):
20 Crunches
20 Heels to Heaven
20 Oblique V-ups

A nice total body workout. I didn't want to overdue the legs since I'm scheduled to run 9 miles Saturday.

Also, boys in the weight room can sometimes be very stupid. It's a good thing I had my "I need more cowbell" shirt and my super cool fanny pack fuel belt on. It kept people from bothering me...

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Cheeseboy said...

You have a More Cowboy shirt? Of that I am very jealous.