Friday, April 1, 2011

April Push Up Challenge, Day 1!

Happy April!
(First of all, let me start out by saying this is NOT an April Fool's Joke. I never joke about pushups....)

Over at Sarah Fitness we are starting a challenge this month to help us work on pushups. Folks were saying they were having trouble with this particular move, and I was also feeling the need, so we decided to tackle it head on.

From here
Here are the rules:
1. Start where you are.
2. Set a goal.
3. Follow the assignments as I post them

We will be resting in between assignments. Don't worry- you won't be doing pushups every day. Also, please don't stop doing your other programs. As fulfilling as pushups can be, they don't do it all. If you are doing one of your other programs and come across some pushups on a "Non-Challenge" day, just do as many as you can modified. Don't worry too much about it. You'll be really "BRINGING IT" on the Challenge days.

Here is the assignment for day 1:

Pushup Challenge, Day 1 assignment: Complete as many as you can with good form. If your goal is to do them on your toes, do them on your toes. Same with knees. You may take set breaks, but this should all count as one set. This is your benchmark. Record this number and share with the group if you want. And.... GO!

So, hop on over to Sarah Fitness to join the challenge! 

Happy Friday!

(Did I mention our Facebook page? Good. Check it out.)

I'm going to need some more cowbell today. Kthanks.


Jennifer said...

Ummmmm - I can't do pushups. I have such weak upper body strength, it's ridiculous. My prenatal yoga instructor makes us do pushups every week. The most I can do is three.

I will try this challenge (with three being my starting number). I hope I can do more by the end of the month. My goal... seven. Any more than seven would be awesome!

Sarah said...

Go Jennifer! You can do it!