Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weird Dreams...

I have had a few recurring dreams lately that are JUST SO WEIRD.
They all have 3 things in common: Being ridiculously late for something, Angel, and running.

In many scenarios, I'm busy doing something- sometimes running, sometimes getting kids ready, one time it was when my boss at work gave me about 100 cats to take care of, and they kept turning into people, then back into cats... and then I look up and it's 3:00 pm and I realize I'm *really* late for work.
I am really your coworker (from here).

Sometimes, in this dream, I have kids..  and when I look up at the clock I realize they're late for school. One time, all the people from daycare brought their kids to our house and we were supposed to take them to daycare and I forgot about them until 3:00. It's always 3:00, though.

One time, President Jimmy Carter was doing a book signing next to my house, but then it turned into a neighborhood watch meeting, which became an angry neighborhood watch meeting, and everyone was mad at my mom (who was walking around in a tracksuit with a gun).

Jimmy Carter: Because I don't have a picture of my mom in a tracksuit.

Last night, I couldn't sleep, so I watched some Buffy, then fell asleep and dreamed that Angel was my boyfriend, and Darla kept trying to kill me. And she was pregnant, so I could run faster than her.
Yum. "I love you so much I almost forgot to brood."

But the running part- the running part is usually pretty cool. The rest of the dreams are completely anxiety filled (except for where Angel's my boyfriend). But when I'm running, it's easy. It's how I imagine it must be for the people I see running effortlessly down the street. It's that perfect pace ALL THE TIME. No sore hip flexors, no sore calves or shins. Kara Goucher's Abs.Yummy running.

Anyone want to take any guesses about the meaning of this?


DaenelT said...

Duuuude, that is so random (except for the running, the being late and the 3 PM). I haven't the foggiest idea but the thought of your mom with a gun in a track suit kinda made me giggle a little. And Jimmy Carter, really?

QueenB said...

Thanks for joining GFJC! I'm GFC following