Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Positive Attitude Toolbox

We've all been there. You're going along, having an okay day, and then suddenly BAM! something happens that takes you off your game a little.

It can be a little thing or a big thing, but something's trying to get you down.

For example, this morning on the way to work, I happened across an accident that had just happened. Someone had hit a deer. It was very sad, very depressing, and could have been terrible.

I caught myself thinking for a moment, "Well, that's a terrible start to the day. Now I'm going to have an awful day. How depressing."


I stopped.

I pulled out my "Toolbox".

Do you have a positive attitude toolbox?

In my toolbox (or "bag of tricks") I have:

Instant mood boosters: 
Thinking of my kids, my baby's laugh, my son's silliness. I even keep short videos on my phone of them being cute, so I can watch them through out the day.

It's not so bad:
I guarantee you, in every situation, someone else has it worse. When I get depressed about money, I think about folks that don't have a bed to sleep in. I think about people worrying about their physical safety in Libya or Japan.

Counting blessings:
I literally count my blessings. I often do this as a Facebook status. "Things that are awesome # 1: This cup of coffee." Doing this helps me focus on the joy of every little thing, and when you focus on the positive things, the negative things lose a little bit of their power.

Mini pity-party:
What? A pity party? Surely, you've mistyped...
No, I do allow myself about 5 minutes to be depressed if something is getting to me. I tell myself: "You can wallow for 5 minutes. Then you'll be done." When 5 minutes is over, I go back to one of the other tools, such as counting my blessings, or taking action of some sort.

Listen to or watch something fun/funny/feel-good.
If you don't have a tool box of "feel-good" songs or videos, let me share some of my favorites...

And for that matter...

So, there's my toolbox. I must admit, it often involves James Marsters/David Boreanaz and Nathan Fillion. But it also involves seeing the good stuff, because it *is* always there....

Do you have Positive Attitude Toolbox? What's in it?

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