Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Saturday: Beachbody and an indoor 8 mile run.

The Beachbody Mission Statement
I had a big Saturday this weekend. Beachbody (I'm a coach) had it's quarterly "Super Saturday" event, and I was scheduled to run 8 miles. I wasn't quite sure if I would be able to do both. It took some effort.

I'm going to report on both....

Super Saturday

Beachbody organizes a nationwide event every 3 months. We had one nearby, and I really wanted to go.

I found a supercool babysitter who was willing to spend all day with my kids, and headed out with an awesome fellow coach...
I was very excited when I arrived!
Soon I was able to score an Insanity shirt

I spent some time looking around at the displays, and meeting a lot of coaches. I love meeting Beachbody coaches- they are some of the friendliest people.

This is my new friend Alton. He wrote and choreographed the "Shakeology Shakedown."

Oh yum.

It's like a fitness fanatic's heaven over here...
We had some coaches get up and tell their success stories. The cool thing about Beachbody coaches is they always have both a physical transformation success story, as well as a business success story. It was inspiring to hear.

After the training, we all got together to learn the "Shakeology Shakedown" dance. I took some video of an early rehearsal:

So fun. The closest thing to a group workout I've done in a while. I got a little crazy and worked so hard, I was sweaty at the end. I had accidentally worked out! (Don't you hate when that happens?) Normally, I would be thrilled... but I had that 8 miler coming up...

8 miler:

We made our way back to my house, and on the way home, noticed that the temperature was above 90 degrees. Oh no. I melt if it's above 75. How am I going to run in this?

I decided to make the leap and run inside at the gym.

Looking goofy and psyching myself up to run a lot.
I decided to start my run on the track. The track is comforting to me. I run faster on the track. It was loud, due to an activity going on down on the first floor basketball courts. That was fine, since my headphones were only working sporadically anyway (!!!). I just took off the entire fanny pack fuel belt and ran with no music or water or anything. Since I was doing a run 4/walk 1 plan, every few laps I would be walking when I came by the spot where my water bottle was, so I was able to take drinks pretty regularly.

I told myself I would do 32 laps before taking a break, since that would be almost 5 miles. After that, I took a potty break, texted to check in on the kids, and moved to the treadmill.

Since I'm doing the manual record keeping, here's my time for 32 laps (about 4.92 miles):

The treadmill was boring and awful and painful. I made it 2.08 so that I would be at a total of 7 miles. That was about as much as I can stand.
I hate the treadmill.
I went back to the track to finish up. I considered running 2 more miles on the track, but I realized I better not push it. I was having the following issues by this point:
- inner thigh chafing. 
- I felt like someone smashed my pelvis with a hammer.
- My running was starting to look like a shuffle.

So, after 8 laps (1.23 miles) I stopped.
manual (literally) record keeping.
I walked a bit to cool down, and then stretched. I knew, however, when I stood up and felt the tightness, that I was going to be a bit sore. I was in a hurry to get back to the kids, so I did NOT stop for ice for an ice bath (the way things went, it would have melted before I had a chance to have a bath anyway, though. My kids had missed me).

Oh, but here's the best part. I went downstairs to weigh on the way out, and had this magical moment:
Finally under 150!
So, all in all, it was a great day. A busy day, and I could barely function afterwards... but a good day.

Thanks to all the great coaches who were so friendly, to my friend who drove on the way, and to the babysitter who was able to take care of both my kids ALL DAY. And my wonderful husband got takeout, which was wonderful.

How was *your* weekend? Any epic workouts? Did you get to relax?


Stefanie D. said...

Wow, if I had stopped after 5 miles, I'm not sure I would be able to start up again! Good job!

Jen said...

What a great event and a great run! I'd like to try insanity (the exercise kind) in the summer for a change. It would probably do me a world of good!

Sarah said...

@Stefanie: Thanks! It's amazing what taking a break can do. I'm surprised I was able to keep going :-)

@Jen: If you'd like to try Insanity (yes, the exercise kind), and you don't have a coach already, you can get it from me :-) I did it when it first came out and had the best abs ever... then I got pregnant, so they're not the best ever anymore.. and it doesn't go well with distance running, but I think once this half is over and I'm doing mostly shorter runs, I'll do it again. I miss those abs.