Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I figured I would take some time and talk about the progress I've made lately.

1. Guns.

From the waist up, my body is AWESOME!
I'm starting to see some muscle. It's nowhere where I want it to be yet, but it's getting there. Plus, my strength has increased, which I love.... (and it makes it so much easier to carry a screaming 4 year old through public places).

Now, if I could get better lighting and NOT take my picture in the bathroom, imagine how great it would look...

2. Vascularity.
Look! A vein!
Vascularity is the cool word people are throwing around. I want it. So far, I pretty much only have it on my arm (and my forehead... not sure why...)
Yep. That is a big vein in my forehead.

3. Killing the weight room.

I don't have a cool picture of this. But, I went in there Monday afternoon and killed it. It was crowded. Most of them were 20 year old boys, grunting a lot and throwing their weights down so we know how heavy they are.

There was a funny little duo. Twin girls. They had some sort of checklist (no big deal- I bring a binder with me to the gym). What was funny was they were taking their checklist and gathering a bunch of items: 12.5 pound weights (which I kind of wanted to use), 40 lb barbell, medicine ball, 5 pound weights, step... and put them all in the stretching area. So, not only were they hogging a bunch of equipment they couldn't possibly use that entire time- they were taking up all the space in the stretching area.

But the funny thing: One of them was doing these leaps from side to side, and the other one was standing on one side pushing her every time she got close. I don't know what this was for, but it was pretty entertaining. I tried to take a picture discreetly, but I just couldn't. So, I just got on with my bad self...

Anyway, the point was NOT that I laughed (inside only) at those twin girls (it was just so surreal). The point was that I am taking charge and feeling more comfortable in the weight room. I know it's an intimidating place for a lot of girls (even boys, probably). It sure was for me. I still have moments when I see a crowd and I think "Oh... scary". But I throw those thoughts away, and act like the most confident person in the world...

What are some things you've made progress on lately? Do you have weird veins too?


Tony Van Helsing said...

Never be intimidated by the meat heads in the weight room, most of us like having women in there as it makes a change from looking at sweaty, grunting blokes. And those who throw their weights down are doing it al wrong, I say if you can't control the weight when you are lowering it then you should try a lighter weight (although I never say this out loud). You've got some great tone in your arms, you can see it in the arm holding the phone as well. But for God's sake don't call your muscles guns, it sounds daft.

April Westerhold said...

Yes, my legs are full of them. Is that good or bad? I thought it was a bad thing.

Good job on your progress!

april@Party of Five

Kristin said...

Your arms look defined and strong!

My pet peeve is when people slam weights; or they lift weights so quickly and with such poor form that I can't watch. Injury is my concern for them.

Keep at it.

Unknown said...

I want to know more about vascularity...what it is, how you get it, why you want it...future post?

fancy nancy said...

Welcome to the gun show!!! Great job!!! I used to feel very comfortable in the weight room but then I got away from it and replaced it with more running. Now I'm getting back to it. The muscle head guys shouldn't scare me since my hubby is one but I don't want to look silly. I am taking the step though and have been doing weights 3 days a week. I am feeling like my old self again!

Jenita Lawal said...

Good for you! I sometimes feel that intimidation when I go to the free weights area, but then I remember that I'm a Badd-A$$ and get my work done.

You are looking AWESOME and your hard work shows. Your vascularity probably has a lot to do with your body fat percentage. To get that look you're gonna have to get your body fat way down (I have friends who are body builders).

Love reading your posts and following your page/blog. Keeps me inspired and pushing for my best.

Lisa J said...

that is really weird she was pushing her sister.
The way I look at working out in public (whether weight room or a cardio machine)- I get MOTIVATED when I see someone who looks out of place or is kind of struggling, because to me it shows me that they are OUTSIDE their comfort zone and are pushing through anyway. Thats more impressive to me then someone bench pressing 700lbs. so with that being said... when i'm the one that feels 'out of place' I remind myself of how I feel when I see those like me and think that maybe i too am inspiring someone else (whatever works)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Great job with those guns! They are looking pretty impressive. I have a super cool vein in my left bicep but my right bicep refuses to look as cool. I have been trying for ten years now to convince righty to pop one out but alas she refuses, she is perhaps too modest?

Unknown said...

Look at those Guns!!! You look great!! Also good for you on the confidence!! I can relate that's why I workout at home. lol

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Your guns look awesome. Although I wish I was English like the first guy so I could say that something was "daft" instead. We need to bring that into the American English dictionary more often. Daft.

I know what you mean about the weight room. It is always guys! Sweaty guys, like you said, who are lifting weights that are too heavy for them and usually doing it wrong. I do what you do, pretend I don't worry about them all staring at me, which they usually are. But whatever, they are probably just staring at your guns. And jealous of them!

I don't have any veins. I never thought that was a good thing to have. I agree with Kasondra -- future post, perhaps?