Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 16: I had fun running once...

Who would have thought that, 16 weeks pregnant, I would rediscover a love affair with my ex, Running. Well, to be honest, I think removing some of the high expectations I put on myself when I was running regularly has helped. I'm doing a 0-5K plan and allowing myself to repeat as many weeks as I feel like... but I'm enjoying it, and really think I can keep doing it until the end (although I'm sure it makes people uncomfortable to see a pregnant woman running. Too bad.)

Yesterday when I dropped my son off at school, I picked him up. His teacher was horrified and said, "You need to be careful in your condition." I tried to explain that I am hardly a delicate flower, but I just gave up and laughed about it later when I squatted 65 pounds (which is lower than I used to. I mean, I'm cutting back. I'm a delicate flower, remember?)

I did pretty well with eating and I even lost a few pounds according to the scale at the gym, putting my total weight gain so far at 16 pounds (Yay! A pound a week!) But last night, I had a complete out of control stress induced binge. It was awful. My kids were stressing me out. I knew they were stressing me out. I just went with it and stuffed food in my face. Then, I kept waking up during the night feeling guilty. Yuck. So today, I'm working on doing better.

Tard the Grumpy Cat is my soul mate these days. I am the grumpiest pregnant woman ever, so I just can't get enough.

Anyway, I'm running, I'm tracking WW (like) points ("Poor Girl's Weight Watchers"). I'm lifting weights. I'm parenting. I have headaches. Surely the time between now and the birth of 3.0 will just fly by, right? And hopefully by then I will have figured out how to fit 3 carseats in my P.T. Cruiser.

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Tony Van Helsing said...

Sounds like you have an MPV in your future.