Thursday, February 2, 2012

We *Don't* Want The Funk...

Today, I was in a little bit of a funk. And not the good kind...

Sorry, George (source)

 I want you to keep in mind, even in my funks, I still try to be positive. But everyone has days when they're just not feeling it. My daughter was very energetic way past bedtime last night, and then I went ahead and just put her in her crib, and she CLIMBED OUT (which I did not realize was possible) and landed on her head. So I kind of slept with one eye open all night. You know how you just want to be sure...

Then this morning I didn't get my mood lifting cardio... I snuggled with my baby instead, so it was okay, but there was something missing....

I also wasn't really wanting to go to the gym. Yesterday, the college boys were especially rude and sometimes just plain offensive. I didn't really want to deal with them, but I needed to do my shoulders and triceps... no excuses... so I went.

I haven't listened to music at the gym in a while. I got a cover for my Iphone for Christmas, so ever since, it doesn't fit in my arm band... but today I wanted some music, so I put the phone in my cleavage. Because I'm super classy.

I'm amazed at the difference the music made. I was singing (in some cases "rapping") along, feeling like I was super bada$$, and my spirit was totally lifted.

So I wanted to share some of the songs that lifted me up today. Keep in mind, I don't listen to the radio (I'm too much of a control freak), so some of these songs may be driving YOU nuts at this point... but they're still pretty fresh to me.


Dog Days are Over

Good Feeling

Hey Soul Sister (Glee Version)

I Gotta Feeling (I love this song, but dang, the grammar always makes me mad!)

And then, I went out, and had a much better run than last time, in beautiful weather.

Do you have a song (or several) that get you out of your "Funk"?

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