Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Power of Awesomeday!

Every Wednesday, I participate in something called "Awesomeday". It came about when I heard someone say, "Today is so awesome I should just call it 'Awesomeday'!" I thought about it, and I started making every Facebook status post a "Thing that is awesome". On that day, I made a rule for myself: I was not allowed to whine. I was not allowed to be negative. Everything had to be awesome.

The next week came around, and I did it again. I had a few friends join me. Some people surely wondered what we were doing, but we didn't care. Our attitudes were starting to change.

Soon I started a Facebook page for Awesomeday, and found that people I didn't even know were starting to post "Things that are awesome" on Wednesdays.

I honestly don't know the official dates that it started, but I know there are 183 fans (at the moment) of the page, and hopefully they are brightening up their little corner of the world

 Now, let me tell you, there are Wednesdays when I don't feel awesome. Today was one. I had a rough morning. You know those mornings where *nothing* goes right. I found myself dreading the day ahead and thinking for a moment, "Well, that's it. Today's not going to go well." But then I remembered that it's Awesomeday.

Now, I can't post anything negative on Awesomeday (well, I try not to post negative stuff anyway...). However, I feel like I'm expected to participate in Awesomeday, since I helped create it.
 I had to turn around my bad attitude and participate in Awesomeday. So here's what I did:
And with that, my attitude started to change. People "liked" this status. And I realized, things are not so bad.

The whole point of Awesomeday is to count your blessings. When you count your blessings, they seem to multiply, and it takes your attention away from things you *don't* like.

So, if you want to participate in Awesomeday, I would love to see you there. You don't even have to "like" the page, or post "Things that are awesome...". Just count your blessings, and watch them grow.


Cami said...

What a super fun post1! I am LOVING this :)

insomnia said...

Well, that is awesome on awesome day:)

Claire Justine said...

Hoping over from the hop,already a GFC follower,now following by Lf to :)